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Commercial Rooftop Snow Removal

Service de déneigement de toiture commercial

Experienced team for roof snow removal

Ready for winter

During Quebec winters, snow quickly builds up on and along the edges of roofs and can become a hazard for people walking alongside buildings and also lead to roof collapses. Removing snow from a roof is risky business for the workers on the roof and people around the buildings. In addition to the risk of falling, workers also have to keep an eye on power cables.

Choose a well-trained, experienced snow-removal team

Qualified Toitures PME operators use the proper techniques to safely remove snow from roofs without damaging membranes; leaving a thin layer of snow is in fact recommended to make sure the membrane is not damaged by snow removal tools. The right equipment in good working order must be used. Toitures PME methods ensure a safe, injury-free work environment for both workers and people nearby.

Your safety is our priority

Doing the job right and in line with established safety standards is our primary concern. Safety perimeters are set up around buildings where snow removal is in progress. The professional service and unparalleled courtesy of our staff are the basis of Toitures PME’s solid reputation. More than 60 years of experience is your guarantee of complete satisfaction.

Useful Tips

Snow Accumulations
Excessive snow and ice accumulations on your roof can damage the membranes and give rise to extensive damage inside your building.


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