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EPDM membrane roof

Why choose EPDM membrane roof ?

Over 40 years of market presence

EPDM, a synonym of longevity! EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) is a synthetic rubber membrane that first appeared in the 1960s. Known for its exceptional life expectancy, this type of membrane is highly UV resistant. Moreover, it has great elasticity (300-500% in the range of -40°C to +100°C), which makes it the choice of architects, roofing experts and contractors for all types of buildings.

A versatile roofing solution

In addition to being resistant to rot and acid rain, EPDM roofing is ideal for Quebec’s weather conditions. Also used as lining for green roofs and ponds, this type of membrane is known for its waterproof properties. EPDM membranes are mostly used on unprotected roofs exposed to weathering.

A simple, environment-friendly solution

This type of membrane is the most widely used roofing system in North America. Relatively light, it can cover an aged asphalt roof without having to remove the existing layers, which pile up and contaminate landfill sites; an increasingly popular environmental choice. If your eco-friendly conscience guides your decisions, EPDM is the ideal solution thanks to its durability and small environmental footprint, from both manufacturing and usage standpoints. Our team’s advice will help you make the best possible choices based on your specific needs.


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